Don't Forget to Transfer Titles After Decree by Dennis H. Babiniec

Once the Decree for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation is entered, do not forget to complete the transfer of deeds and titles according to the Orders.  As an attorney who has practiced for over 30 years in the field of divorce and family law, I am aware of the importance of completing the title transfers promptly upon the entry of the decree.

It is too easy to put off the task of locating the proper forms and completing them, circulating them for signature and then filing them with the correct governmental offices.  Putting it off to another day could turn into much more work and delay later, especially when people move as leases expire or if the house is sold as part of the divorce or legal separation Orders.  Even though there is a procedure to have titles signed by the Clerk of the District Court under Rule 70 of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, there is additional cost and delay in getting the Court to Order the Rule 70 process. Also, the Court must be convinced that all reasonable efforts to have the document signed by the transferring party had been attempted and were not successful or else they may not grant the motion under Rule 70.

I believe in finishing the job for my client if they request me to prepare the title transfer documents.  I consider the transfer of the title to the property as important as obtaining the Order to award them the property to begin with.  

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