Getting The Most Out of Attorney Fees Paid in a Divorce Case by Dennis H. Babiniec

A significant challenge to many people going through a divorce case is being able to pay their divorce attorney.  Having been in practice for over 30 years, I have an understanding of why it can be expensive to hire an attorney for a divorce case.  I also know how you can save significant costs in legal fees by understanding the process, knowing your budget and adjusting your approach to meet the parameters of your case.

First of all, generally it is much less expensive for an attorney to complete forms and paperwork than appear in court.  Developing an analysis of your case and understanding the possible range of outcomes and approaches can help develop a strategy to the divorce case best suited to the amount of money in dispute and the available budget for attorney fees.

For example, spending $10,000.00 in attorney fees to argue over $5,000. in assets is never cost effective, but spending $10,000. when there may be over $100,000. difference in outcome can be a good return on your investment.  The largest cost of the divorce process is for the procedures and preparation and appearance for evidentiary court hearings where there will be witnesses and evidence presented in order for the court to decide a disputed issue.  The requirements of the court rules of civil procedure and evidence do not change based on the amount in dispute, so that is why if a person does not make a careful analysis of the cost to go to trial versus the expected range of outcomes, they could spend their money for a divorce attorney inefficiently.

I recommend getting an evaluation from the divorce attorney regarding the possible outcomes and costs to litigate the case early in the case, so that you can set your budget for attorney fees and establish your strategy for your divorce case accordingly.  An inexperienced attorney may not have the ability to anticipate the range of outcomes and suggest the strategy that makes the best use of your attorney fee budget.  That is where an experienced divorce lawyer will likely be more effective to make such an analysis.   

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