Mediation- An Opportunity to Save Money by Dennis Babiniec

Mediation is a required procedure in most districts in the Denver metro area for a divorce case where there is not a full agreement submitted at the beginning of the case.  Mediation usually involves additional cost of retaining a mediator and of counsel preparing and attending the mediation.  Many persons going through a divorce case view the mediation requirement as an inconvenience and extra cost.  This however is a short-sighted view, as much more money can usually be saved by settling the case sooner rather than going through prolonged negotiation and case preparation procedures.

    In order to maximize the chances to obtain a resolution through mediation, it is important to focus on the mediation as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience.  Starting with selecting a mediator who not only is skilled and experienced, but also dogmatic in their approach to encourage the realistic assessment of the issues of the case by both parties.  Also, preparing for the mediation so that the attorney informs the client of a range of possible results and has the disputed issues identified and organized to save time to be able to use more productively to achieve the settlement of the case.  Having both parties and their attorneys together with the assistance of the mediator to keep the focus of all involved on resolutions of the issues, is a unique opportunity to accomplish a settlement of the case and save significant costs of litigation.

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