Understanding the Importance of Facts by Dennis Babiniec

I have over 30 years of experience handling divorce cases.  I have observed that in some cases, people approach their case in ways that make the case harder to resolve and more expensive.  I believe that starting the case with conflict and accusations makes the case harder to settle and more likely to go to trial.  In some ways it is initially easier to make accusations and withhold cooperation, but in the long run, the further apart that parties start, the more ground there is to cover in order to try to settle the case.

An approach that is factually based is likely to give a more constructive start to resolving the case.  This approach involves getting information and documentation that establishes the facts that apply to the case.  The facts could be the value of certain property, amount of debt, income records, etc.  Once the facts are established with proof, it gives credibility in settlement negotiations and shows the opposing party that you are ready to prove the necessary facts if it is necessary to go to trial.  If the early efforts are to identify and obtain the information important to the case, the case can more accurately be analyzed and a strategy developed to efficiently resolve the divorce case.

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