It Is Never Too Early To Start Assembling the Facts in A Divorce Case

     In over 30 years of practice as a divorce attorney in the Denver metro area (office located in Northglenn & Thornton area) I have come to appreciate the importance of obtaining accurate facts and proof of facts as early as possible in a divorce case.  There are times where people will argue over a point and incur attorney fees and expenses to their lawyers arguing over a point that could be resolved with proof of the facts.  For instance the value of an item, how it is titled, when it was acquired can generally be proven by documentation.  
     By assembling the facts and documentation early in the divorce process, an experienced divorce attorney can establish a framework for the effective negotiation or preparation of the case.  If the facts are established, the only thing left for the divorce court to do is to apply the Dissolution of Marriage Act (for the Denver metro area and Colorado) or other applicable statute to the facts involved in the divorce or legal separation case in order to come out with the result.

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